If I could sum up my philosophy, it would be this:

The Sage is occupied with the unspoken

and acts without effort.

Teaching without verbosity,

producing without possessing,

creating without regard to result,

claiming nothing, 

the Sage has nothing to lose.

-Tao Tê Ching by Priya Hemenway


The process of creation has always fascinated me, the conscious and unconscious paths that take us from a vague notion to a completed creation. When I see works of art, I always begin searching for the thread the artist followed to achieve the end product. In art as in writing, I’ve learned that the process is a journey to be experienced in its frustrations and digressions as well as its successes. It is not always necessary to have a clear picture of the result. 


Although I made a career of teaching, I never gave up my love of making art. As a child, my mother was my first teacher. She enjoyed painting in oils and later in watercolor. I loved drawing and painting and took classes in junior high and high school. In college I majored in history of art, taking several studio classes. Beyond college I continued to take the occasional class whenever possible. Since retiring, my husband and I have spent a lot of time in Mexico, living for long periods in San Miguel de Allende. While there, I would take part in workshops and classes and learn all I could of different mediums.  Printmaking and encaustic are currently my focus. I credit my blossoming as an artist to my many teachers there as well as my teachers in California. Currently, I have made my home in Santa Rosa, and the beauty of Sonoma County is an inspiration to create.  My backyard studio is a dream fulfilled.